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After being out of action for over 6 months with a heel injury, today I ran a race! Laura has worked with me over these last days, weeks & months to bring me back to full fitness. Her enthusiasm & passion for helping people shines through when she treats you. She inherently understands your need to be out there doing something & she does everything she can to make it happen.
Thanks Laura, for everything

Kim Wakefield

I received treatment from Laura for a hamstring problem that I had been suffering with for some time. I'm a triathlete and train regularly for long-distance triathlons.
My injury took me out of training on and off for over 12 months and meant I had to withdraw from several events. Even after a guided injection my injury continued to trouble me.

I received physio treatment from Laura and was given a tailored programme of exercises to stretch and strengthen my hamstring. After several weeks of carrying out the exercise programme and with ongoing supervision, I am pleased to say that my injury was finally under control and has now fully healed.

Laura is a professional and highly experienced physio. She was able to specifically target my injury with a relevant and functional exercise programme, enabling me to continue training and compete in triathlons.

Anon, Rugby

I can highly recommend Laura who is very professional and knowledgeable.
I am 67 and injured my calf muscle and achilles tendon when I fell awkwardly, which even after several months was still causing me problems with walking. Laura identified some suitable exercises for me which combined with physiotherapy treatments has significantly improved my walking and I am now well on the way to making a full recovery

David Crockford

I only began seeing Laura in May 2018 after having developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot (my first running injury) in November 2017. Having been to the Doctor and having had some NHS physio, backing completely off of running for months, nothing seemed to be helping. I didn't want to go down the steroid injection route, I wanted to fix this properly and for the long term, to strengthen my body in the right way but hadn't a clue where to start. I began a detailed internet search and feel so fortunate that I happened to pick Laura. She is professional and balanced in her approach with a very pragmatic and down to earth friendliness, you sense immediately that she knows what she is talking about and I instantly felt I could trust her. She has tailored treatment around my affordability (as I can't go every week, more like every 2-3 at best) giving me enough 'homework' so that I can make progress between sessions. My experience of her has been amazing, this week (commencing 4th June 18) I've been able to run 7 miles on Sunday, had a couple of days break then 5 on Thursday, 2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday (plus I have continued to be on my feet a lot outside of running as usual) all with significantly less pain than I've had since this all began in November. All of her advice is working, even tiny movements she recommends that may seem trivial, as long as you trust and commit to her advice, try to make sure you do the exercises as close to the recommendation as possible (we are all only human!) then you won't go wrong putting your recovery in her hands. Thank you Laura!

Sian Owen

I am 76 years old with a lower back problem and a total knee replacement!! For the first time in my life I attended Laura's Pilates class today!! What a great experience!! It was a gentle but thorough introduction and I feel very confident that this is just right for me!!! Looking forward to next week!!😊 Thank you Laura...You are an inspiration!!

Hilary Shaw

I saw Laura about a torn rotator cuff and thanks to Laura’s work and expertise, I am back playing rugby with no pain or weakness after much less time than I feared. After assessing the initial damage, Laura gave me strengthening exercises to do which have worked wonders! On each subsequent appointment, this was revised and reevaluated to build on the strength I had recovered and keep the healing process moving.
I will definitely be recommending her to the rest of my team!

Jamie Roche

Laura has been a huge help with fixing me after a long term hamstring injury. She was professional, helpful and thorough and took into account events I have coming up as well as what I want to achieve! So thankful that Laura has helped me getting back running again, couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Tom Swain

After breaking my ankle whilst climbing I was stuck in a plaster and crutches for several weeks. This has meant that my injured leg is never fully stretched and has meant I've had severe cramps in my leg.

I asked Laura to have a look at it and see if she could help, she very kindly visited me at home and did a fantastic job of relieving the cramp and tension. Laura's knowledge and skills are fantastic, she is confident in what she's doing and explains everything she's doing in a clear manner. Her enthusiasm see me get better and back running soon is contagious and I truly believe it's possible now

In short, for anyone needing a skilled and experienced physio I cannot recommend Laura enough, amazing!.

Naomi Leugs

Laura has treated both myself and my wife!!! I have problems with running and caused serious rips in my calves, Laura diagnosed, treated and is now helping to resolve the cause which is my running style. I was so impressed I persuaded my wife to go, my wife is very shy and doesn't like "hands on" but Laura put her at ease and has started treating her shoulder. Very impressive results but you also realise Laura actually cares about the future and not just the treatments now! Utterly recommended!

Garry Swinburn

Very professional new what the problem was straight away, lots of knowledge and very friendly I’d highly recommend Laura to anyone

Tom Sipos

Laura has been great diagnosing my injury and then helping me recover and get stronger. Laura has an excellent knowledge of the requirements of triathlon and how I can get myself stronger to cope with the demands of the event. I would definitely recommend!

James Daley
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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