What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system designed to improve your strength, balance and stability. This enables you to use your body more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury. Pilates has many benefits to both your mental and physical well-being. This form of exercise is appropriate for any fitness level as the intensity of the sessions can be completely tailored to your ability. It is a great way of simply getting fitter and stronger, or providing you with strength and conditioning to improve your sporting performance and reduce the risk of injury. 

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1:1 Pilates sessions

Our physiotherapists at LMC Physiotherapy have postgraduate training with the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates institute). We offer 1:1 pilates sessions completely tailored to your needs. You will have a 1:1 assessment to discuss and develop your tailored program. If there are specific muscle groups or areas you would like to work on then let us know.

We will then guide you through this program and progress you as you are able. We will provide you with movement and posture re-education throughout to ensure you get the most from your session.

Physio lead Pilates classes

If you don't feel comfortable going to a bigger class or you suffer with lower back or maybe need some further strengthening after an injury, these classes are prefect for you.

The class is small - no more than 8 people which means the physiotherapist can tailor and adapt the exercises to you as required. You will therefore also have the benefit of movement re-education and postural adjustments from the physiotherapist.

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