Personal Training & Group Personal Training

Personal Training

Our personal trainer will create a fitness program for you based on your goals. This can be anything from running a marathon, weight loss or to being able to play football in the garden with the kids. This really is the most personal and bespoke approach to improving your fitness.  Our personal trainers will work on individual basis with you in our fitness studio.

As this runs closely along our Physiotherapy services it is also useful if you want some assistance and guidance with returning to exercise following an injury. 

Group Personal Training

These sessions are designed for those who want a more specific and bespoke approach to achieve their fitness goals without the financial commitment of 1:1 personal training. There is a maximum of 4 people in a group giving a more personal approach. Our personal trainer Matt will work closely with you focussing on your goals. This can include weight loss, muscle strength, general fitness and toning. The session and exercise can be adapted to your needs and fitness levels and is appropriate for all abilities. 

Personal Training
45 Minutes £43.00
60 minutes £55.00
5 x 45 minute sessions £175.00
5 x 60 minute sessions £235.00
10 x 60 minute sessions £450.00
Group Personal Training
Pay as you go £13.50
4 sessions £47.00
8 sessions £88.00