Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and sports Injury Rehabilitation

At LMC Physio & Fitness, you will be assessed and treated by a physiotherapist who is experienced in managing sports injuries and also personally participates in sport. We feel this really gives us an understanding of your needs and an insight into how frustrating these injuries can be! We offer Sports injury treatment at our Rugby and Coventry clinics

Assessment and treatment will be specifically related to the sport that you participate in and rehabilitation will incorporate movements and positions that you will need to achieve to return to your sport. We will give you an honest and realistic idea of expected recovery time but always endeavour to get you ready for any events or competitions that you may be aiming for. Goals of treatment are unique to you and we develop these together to have a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve from your Physiotherapy treatment.

We can provide hands-on therapy, such as joint mobilisations, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, acupuncture and taping, to help settle your symptoms. Once you are recovering from your injury, we will provide you with a personalised exercise program to prevent the injury reoccurring in the future. We can also provide you with advice regarding a graded return to sport. 

Once your Physiotherapy treatment is complete you have the option to continue with us with some 1:1 exercise sessions or exercise classes to help prevent furhter injuries or niggles.

At LMC Physio & Fitness, we love treating sports people and will help you get back to fitness as quickly as possible.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, injuries that stop you doing the sport you love or result in poor performance can be very frustrating. Sports injuries can vary from a slight niggle to a fractured bone or torn ligament and therefore management is variable depending on the nature and severity of your injury. An understanding of sport in general and a high level of knowledge and skill is required in this specialist area of physiotherapy. All sports require different movement patterns and the ability to use your musculoskeletal system in different ways. Knowledge of the specific biomechanics and movements involved in your sport is essential for recovery and also to prevent the injury reoccurring.

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