Pregnancy Related Pain Part 2

In Part two we consider ways to manage your pain including activity modification and exercise.

Pregnancy Related Pelvic Pain

In this blog we explore pelvic pain in pregnancy.

How to Keep Active During Social Isolation

Our guide to keeping you fit while social distancing

Injury & Mental Health

The hardest part of most injuries aren’t the injuries themselves (although they are horrible). It’s the resting, the waiting, the uncertainty about the future. This time period forces you to confront uncomfortable thoughts and you can start to question everything you took for granted before. Pain is also an ideal habitat for worry to flourish, and more often than not, this leads to more frequent negative thoughts.

Hip pain & "bursitis"... what is going on & what you can do about it

In this blog our Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Lauren explores lateral hip and gives you some tips to help settle these symptoms.